Shadows of Anuire!

This is a campaign placed in the world of Birthright, concerning the land of Cerilia and more specifically the people of Anuire. For more on the Birthright world, there’s this wiki here, (still working on that), or this page here, (also still working on this), where others go pretty deep into detail about the world.

However, in Shadows of Anuire, the Black Prince, Prince Rhaesene the Gorgon, has swept his armies southwards, and in a bold move he has invaded and captured control of a great and vast portion of Anuire. His armies and dragons pushed from the Gorgon’s Crown into several realms at once, a surprise attack that took the people of Anuire unawares. Now, only the city of Anuire itself remains, an enclosed city-state surviving the siege as best it can against a captured country begging to be saved.

After that, take a look at the wiki. More info about the realms and various rules changes we are doing there.

Shadows of Anuire

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